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·✧·CONTEST: None Planned Currently
·✦·TIME: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM SLT/PST (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST)
·✧·DJ:  Davy Squall
·✦·HOST:  Lynette
·✧·GENRE:  Rock
·✦·LOCATION:  The Black Cutlass @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20Tequila/23/193/2000
You are cordially invited to the official grand opening of The Black Cutlass! We’re having a birthday bash as well for the big boss man, Davy Squall, who will be DJing for us tonight with host Lynette Redtail! Come on by, bring your friends, have them bring THEIR friends, and let’s hang out, talk, dance, and just chill.

We have no contest planned currently, but if we get enough folks in the club, we may go ahead and have one.  Come on and tempt us into giving y’all some free lindens!


Saturday Mixed Bag w/ DJ Axel @ The Rift

DJ: Axel
HOST: Hobo
TIME: 12pm – 2:00pm
PLACE: The Rift @ Cordia (128.113.3905)
EVENT: Saturday Morning Variety Show
GENRE: A Mixed Bag
DJ Axel’s on deck to start off your day’s musical entertainment! He’s coming back to us after a bit of a hiatus, so let’s make him feel welcome. We’re goin’ in!

Friday w/ DJ Ravin @ The Rift

Things happened (don’t even ask), so here we go!

DJ: Ravin
TIME: 2pm – 4:00pm SLT
PLACE: The Rift @ Cordia (115.142.3905)
GENRE: Throwbacks and Requests

Announcements from the previous Rifter post still stand!
Let’s go!

Another Saturday @ The Rift

Here we go, bubbies! Another weekend begins at The Rift!

Being the weekend, I very much expect a contest or two to crop up, so you should, most definitely, come join us.

Today’s lineup:

12:00 PM – DJ Chatteers

2:00 PM – DJ Bunny

4:00 PM – DJ Ravin

6:00 PM – DJ Winter’s “Saturnite Warp”

8:00 PM – DJ Apollo w/ host Chaos

As usual, I’m dancing when I’ve not been called away to something else for a bit.  Here we go!


Coldpaw Club Tail Sale

Is happening now and we can use some more bidders.  For some reason, I’ve found myself waiting my turn up here, so, Second Lifers, come along to the Coldpaw Club! This link is your teleport.

Don’t judge me, love me.


Saturdays @ The Rift

So the lineup for today looks like:

12:00 PM – DJ Chatteers

2:00 PM – DJ Bunny

4:00 PM – DJ Ravin

6:00 PM – DJ Winter’s “Saturnite Warp”

8:00 PM – DJ Apollo w/ host Chaos

Once again, I’ll be dancing most of the day away with these fine people. I wonder if we’re having any contests today…  We ended up having two yesterday. =^^=


Tail Sale @ Coldpaw Club

So, with a little bit of luck, we’re having what Coldpaw calls a “tail sale.”  Basically, you can buy a date with someone from the club.  I wanna say it’ll be at around 1 PM SLT Sunday, but I’ll update this with the proper time (if it happens to be different) when we get the notification.

This should be fun. o.o

Like The Rift, the Coldpaw Club is adults only, so please be 18+ years old if you plan to join us.

Location information to come.