Wanderer Extraordinaire

Mark III – Bifrost

Coldpaw RandomThis is me now.

I was gifted the Orange Nova Bifrost Bunny a while back and told to wear the crap out of it by a pretty fantastic wolf hybrid that’s something like a brother to me.  Needless to say, I listen and obey.  This one became my goal and it was given to me.  How cool are some of these people?

Now, I’m still not a modder by any means, but I make do.  I’m told that this is the most creative use of the Bifrost bunny that one person has ever seen.  Another just says it’s plain damn cool.  Some people say it’s adorable.  Others call it sexy.

And, yes, that is, indeed, the Doctor’s fez.  I wear a fez now.  Fezzes are cool.

As of December, my look has changed again, just a smidge.  I have wings now, for some reason.  A number of reasons, actually.  I also have a home now, so I’m not as migrant as I was (but I still work like crazy for what I’ve got).

Bunny Guard

Indeed, those are wings.


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