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Rise of the Black Cutlass


A live event at the Black Cutlass featuring Donn DeVore, Chicagosax, and Grif Bamaisin!

Doors open at 3:00PM SLT, 6:00PM EST. We’ll get the show underway at 4:00PM SLT!

Swing by early to catch a spot and enjoy some house music provided by one of our fantastic (and totally insane in all the best ways) DJs!



·✧·CONTEST: None Planned Currently
·✦·TIME: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM SLT/PST (7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST)
·✧·DJ:  Davy Squall
·✦·HOST:  Lynette
·✧·GENRE:  Rock
·✦·LOCATION:  The Black Cutlass @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isla%20Tequila/23/193/2000
You are cordially invited to the official grand opening of The Black Cutlass! We’re having a birthday bash as well for the big boss man, Davy Squall, who will be DJing for us tonight with host Lynette Redtail! Come on by, bring your friends, have them bring THEIR friends, and let’s hang out, talk, dance, and just chill.

We have no contest planned currently, but if we get enough folks in the club, we may go ahead and have one.  Come on and tempt us into giving y’all some free lindens!

Linden Lab’s Swan Song

Anyone else see the problem here? Yes? Good.

Thar She Blows!


Ok, I admit I don’t have any more clue or insight as anybody else, probably even less since I’m not very interested in LL’s business at all, but just in SL and our live in this virtual world.

But what Ebbe so freely admitted in the Lab Chat sounds exactly like my worst projection of SL’s future. People, every single L$ you’re spending now won’t go into SL’s further development but will be used to finance Project Sansar. Not to improve SL or build the fabled SL2. Please remind me, what was Sansar again? According to Ebbe’s own words we only know it won’t be a contiguous world but unconnected experiences which translates into:

  • Can’t go anywhere without TP
  • No region crossings
  • No public land
  • No open oceans
  • No Linden Routes
  • No continents
  • Lots of private homes with a little garden around
  • Lots of even more boring immobile…

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