Wanderer Extraordinaire

Real Life

That Awkward Moment When…

…you’ve been gone for months and just come sweeping back with a number of announcements.

First and foremost, I’ve cut down on my workload for my mental health, among other factors, so no more Rift, IFC (the club seems to have vanished now, sadly), and little news from the Coldpaw Club.

However, that workload has been replaced entirely by a new one: New club, The Black Cutlass, a space pirate themed joint with games, an adult lounge, and a chryostasis room for going AFK in. You may have seen the announcement: We’re hiring and I’m the general manager. The owner is a mad dude by the name of Davy Squall, who pulled the place together from thin air over the span of several months. We’ve had our ups and downs, but now we’re rock steady and ready to roll! Prepare for mayhem!

Vendors, we welcome and encourage you to inquire about space!

Redtail Entertainment is my other big focus. This group is founded by the family and used to advertise our (and our friends’!) ventures all over Second Life, from DJ, host, and dance sets, to game nights, to vendor events. In a not-so-roundabout way, we do advertise clubs. You have to ask one of us in-world for a join (we had to close our doors because of hacked-account-spammers), but we’d be happy to let you in on the crazy.

We’ve also, after much deliberation, moved to a larger home parcel, where I custom built our ground-level home with otherwise prefabricated parts (and a couple of custom prims). First step toward a hangout? Possibly. We shall see.

And after a couple of bumps in the road, we’ve been welcomed by Club ALAS in the form of the Red Lounge, a quiet little cuddle spot right by the doors, where you can occasionally catch a stray Redtail or two even outside of event hours.

Care to join us?


Network Connection Terminated

Well, admittedly I was, ah, borrowing my neighbor’s super high speed internet while mine is (still) disconnected.  Unfortunately, they finally rooted me out and locked the thing, so I’m back offline (SL requires a connection far faster than what I get from phone tethering) for a while (which is why this blog went silent for so long; it was locked down to begin with and then it simply wasn’t anymore).  Your fluffy sideline host has been sidelined for the foreseeable future, unless some things can be worked out to get my internet reconnected.

Wish me luck.