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Tail Sale

Wednesday @ The Rift w/ DJ Apollo

▀▄DJ: Apollo
▀▄HOST: Hobo
▀▄TIME:  10:00am – 12:00pm
▀▄PLACE:  The Rift – Cordia (115.142.3905)
▀▄EVENT:  Your Musical Brunch
▀▄GENRE:  Electronic and More.

Change of plan!  I’m hosting earlier and for DJ Apollo, who is actually pretty damn awesome.  He has electronic on deck and will be taking your requests!

As usual, no child avatars and we recommend that you be over the age of 18 because we can bring the raunch pretty accidentally in our collective humor.  Things get real weird, real fast and it is beautiful.

Tail Sale

Yeah, this thing again.  We’re still offering goods and services (apparently someone is actively working on an art project for this for the winner of their auction as we speak), shoulders to lean on, warm bodies for the snuggling, even people willing to be pets for those interested in such things.  I, myself, am one of the tails for sale, so if you ever wanted a good cuddle or talk session with this fluffy space hobo, now’s your chance!

The tail sale goes on through Halloween, so jump in and bid (or auction yourself) before the big day!


These are also a thing.  For those that wish to rent a parcel on Cordia under some of the coolest landlords, this is an option for you.  I believe there are still two or three properties available.  For more details on that, you’ll want to contact Ravin Winter or Fawkes Winter.

Now Hiring

The Rift is also currently hiring punctual, reliable hosts (like myself; basically we’re the life of the party, the chatterboxes, the jokers, the advertisers, sometimes the mediators) and DJs!  I recommend that all applicants be ready and willing to step forward to take a shift in an emergency.  Previous experience of some sort is recommended, but training can and will be provided as well.

Interested?  Follow the SL link above to the club and look for the big ol’ envelope on the wall.  You’ll find applications on the board.


PS: If I have the energy when the scheduled festivities are over, there may be a radio party (wherein we just jam out to the radio because there is no DJ available [unless, of course, there is]). Feel free to hang out!

I didn’t have it, but I did end up naked for a few hours.  This is why 18+.


Changes @ The Rift

Some things have changed for the better in the land of Second Life! I’m now working The Rift as a host whenever needed, plus whenever there is no host and I happen to be awake. That means impromptu radio parties and sometimes impromptu DJ sets!

Please, no child avatars. Not only is it not recommended, but it’s an “after dark” set. Things can get weird in the best, least child-friendly ways possible.

We also have a tail sale going on (this is a sale of everything from art, DJ lessons, party hosting, scripting, avatar commissioning, cuddling, and talking, to some good old-fashioned yiffage, yes) from now until Halloween.  We need bidders and those willing to auction off their services.  Come along, everyone!

Let’s get it in!

Cordia (115.142.3905)

We may be coming to the end of my current set, I believe, but this will happen again tomorrow with a little luck, with or without a DJ.

But, please, never hesitate to come by and hang out even if there is no host or DJ on duty.  Your patronage really is appreciated.


Coldpaw Club Tail Sale

Is happening now and we can use some more bidders.  For some reason, I’ve found myself waiting my turn up here, so, Second Lifers, come along to the Coldpaw Club! This link is your teleport.

Don’t judge me, love me.