Wanderer Extraordinaire

Changes @ The Rift

Some things have changed for the better in the land of Second Life! I’m now working The Rift as a host whenever needed, plus whenever there is no host and I happen to be awake. That means impromptu radio parties and sometimes impromptu DJ sets!

Please, no child avatars. Not only is it not recommended, but it’s an “after dark” set. Things can get weird in the best, least child-friendly ways possible.

We also have a tail sale going on (this is a sale of everything from art, DJ lessons, party hosting, scripting, avatar commissioning, cuddling, and talking, to some good old-fashioned yiffage, yes) from now until Halloween.  We need bidders and those willing to auction off their services.  Come along, everyone!

Let’s get it in!

Cordia (115.142.3905)

We may be coming to the end of my current set, I believe, but this will happen again tomorrow with a little luck, with or without a DJ.

But, please, never hesitate to come by and hang out even if there is no host or DJ on duty.  Your patronage really is appreciated.



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