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♠████▓▒░DJ REECE @ THE BLACK CUTLASS░▒▓████♠
·✧·CONTEST: Best In Pirate Wear [Prize TBA]
·✦·TIME: TONIGHT, August 26, 2016, 4:00 PM SLT/7:00 PM EST – ’Til We Collapse
·✧·DJ:  Reece
·✦·HOST:  Lynette
·✧·GENRE:  Rock, Random, & Requests
·✦·LOCATIONThe Black Cutlass
Bring your best pirate wear (prize and contest start time to TBA)! DJ Reece will be running a marathon set with host Lynette and bartender Wyght (perhaps with guest bartender, Stee1Heart)!  Come meet and hang out with the staff (and consider joining us, while you’re at it).

Even outside of today’s madness, the club is open for your lounging pleasure 24 hours a day.  Let’s bring this place in with…hopefully not too much canon fire.

We are, indeed, hiring as well, if you’re looking for employment in the crazy land of Second Life.  DJs, hosts, bartenders, dancers, and perhaps security, swing on in and grab an application card from the giver at the landing zone!

Please keep in mind that TBC is located on an adult sim!  You must be 18 or older to enter.


That Awkward Moment When…

…you’ve been gone for months and just come sweeping back with a number of announcements.

First and foremost, I’ve cut down on my workload for my mental health, among other factors, so no more Rift, IFC (the club seems to have vanished now, sadly), and little news from the Coldpaw Club.

However, that workload has been replaced entirely by a new one: New club, The Black Cutlass, a space pirate themed joint with games, an adult lounge, and a chryostasis room for going AFK in. You may have seen the announcement: We’re hiring and I’m the general manager. The owner is a mad dude by the name of Davy Squall, who pulled the place together from thin air over the span of several months. We’ve had our ups and downs, but now we’re rock steady and ready to roll! Prepare for mayhem!

Vendors, we welcome and encourage you to inquire about space!

Redtail Entertainment is my other big focus. This group is founded by the family and used to advertise our (and our friends’!) ventures all over Second Life, from DJ, host, and dance sets, to game nights, to vendor events. In a not-so-roundabout way, we do advertise clubs. You have to ask one of us in-world for a join (we had to close our doors because of hacked-account-spammers), but we’d be happy to let you in on the crazy.

We’ve also, after much deliberation, moved to a larger home parcel, where I custom built our ground-level home with otherwise prefabricated parts (and a couple of custom prims). First step toward a hangout? Possibly. We shall see.

And after a couple of bumps in the road, we’ve been welcomed by Club ALAS in the form of the Red Lounge, a quiet little cuddle spot right by the doors, where you can occasionally catch a stray Redtail or two even outside of event hours.

Care to join us?

New Club Incoming: The Black Cutlass

This lovely beast has been in progress for months now, and it’s finally ready for staff and vendors!

We are looking to hire the following:

  • DJs
  • Hosts
  • Dancers
  • Bartenders
  • Security*
  • Management

Need some quick requirement details?  Look no further:

  1. DJs and hosts are required to do a minimum of two and a maximum of four 2-hour sets per week.  Both must be social.
  2. Dancers are required to do a minimum of two hours (or one set) per week and must either be competent roleplayers, or willing to learn.
  3. We will not be hiring floaters (DJs, hosts, etc. who only do cover sets).
  4. Cover sets are a must, particularly if you miss a set.
    If someone covers for you, pay it forward.
  5. Skype will be required of every employee; Second Life groups do not always send messages through.
    A working smartphone or tablet is usually quite helpful for staying informed.
  6. Communication is required of every employee.
    If you cannot do a set that you are scheduled for, due to real life creeping up on you, we must know.  If someone requires a cover, you must let us know whether or not you can do the task.
    This is the ultimate in bad form. If you want someone to come work with you at the Black Cutlass, this is fine…but only if we are not stealing them from another club entirely, communications are not done in another club’s nearby chat, and you do not venture into other clubs wearing your Black Cutlass tag.

Keep your eyes on this space for applications, or find me inworld!  Contact HarleyKaninchen Resident via IMs for more details (particularly requirements and qualifications).

So, a little while ago, I posted that I would have an announcement soon.  As it turns out, I have a couple of announcements.

First, The Rift is in full hiring mode.  Above all, we are in need of hosts!  We’ll also take applications for DJs, in an effort to keep the music going around the clock!

Currently, The Rift is open from 10AM until the end of the last DJ’s set at midnight SLT/PST.  We need more DJs to get the club running ‘round the clock, but we need hosts to help them out!

Applications can be found on the east wall of the club (facing the front of the club, that would be on your left) near the Facebook logo.  Just drop your application in the envelope.

Now for the big announcement.  I was recently hired as host manager at IFC (International Fur Community), which means building up a team from bare bones.  That means I’m looking for experienced hosts as well as a few that I’ll have to train.

IFC is already more or less a 24-hour club and it’s time to not only help our DJs advertise their sets, but keep them a bit of company during those quieter times.

In this case, you can get your application directly from me  and send it back when it’s complete.  My username is HarleyKaninchen.

For both jobs, I cannot stress this enough:  We are looking for the most dependable staff possible, which means being punctual, communicating well with fellow staff members when your set may be missed (or you may simply be late), sending out your notices on time, and letting management know whether you can or cannot cover a shift in a timely manner if the call goes out.

Both clubs can be found in their respective locations:
The Rift
IFC (International Fur Community)

Paws and good luck,
Hobo Redtail