Wanderer Extraordinaire


♠████▓▒░DJ REECE @ THE BLACK CUTLASS░▒▓████♠
·✧·CONTEST: Best In Pirate Wear [Prize TBA]
·✦·TIME: TONIGHT, August 26, 2016, 4:00 PM SLT/7:00 PM EST – ’Til We Collapse
·✧·DJ:  Reece
·✦·HOST:  Lynette
·✧·GENRE:  Rock, Random, & Requests
·✦·LOCATIONThe Black Cutlass
Bring your best pirate wear (prize and contest start time to TBA)! DJ Reece will be running a marathon set with host Lynette and bartender Wyght (perhaps with guest bartender, Stee1Heart)!  Come meet and hang out with the staff (and consider joining us, while you’re at it).

Even outside of today’s madness, the club is open for your lounging pleasure 24 hours a day.  Let’s bring this place in with…hopefully not too much canon fire.

We are, indeed, hiring as well, if you’re looking for employment in the crazy land of Second Life.  DJs, hosts, bartenders, dancers, and perhaps security, swing on in and grab an application card from the giver at the landing zone!

Please keep in mind that TBC is located on an adult sim!  You must be 18 or older to enter.


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