Wanderer Extraordinaire

Rifters! It’s Friday.

But I think I have it figured out.  Yay me!  I know what to use this for!

So today is being spent at The Rift (for all you fellow Second Lifers, that is located here; just plug it into your viewer and go).  It’s a club on a space ship drifting through infinity, with fantastic DJs filling our ears with delicious noise pollution.  Most of us are furries, however The Rift is open to all users, be ye furry, human, alien, dragon…  If it fits, you can sits.

Keep in mind, however, that this area is adults only.  Please be over the (real life) age of 18 and remember that not everything is super serious; this is a party, after all.  Thank you.

I’ll be dancing the anti-grav tube for most of the day, unless something pulls me away for a little while!  If that happens, I’ll be back.

On the DJ board for the day (all times are SLT/PST):

12:00 PM – DJ Luna (Lovegood Wolf)

2:00 PM – DJ Nightmare Chica

4:00 PM – DJ Rawkzy

6:00 PM – DJ Glitchpup

8:00 PM – DJ Luna & Hiro DJ Dirty Dawg & CJ


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