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So, a little while ago, I posted that I would have an announcement soon.  As it turns out, I have a couple of announcements.

First, The Rift is in full hiring mode.  Above all, we are in need of hosts!  We’ll also take applications for DJs, in an effort to keep the music going around the clock!

Currently, The Rift is open from 10AM until the end of the last DJ’s set at midnight SLT/PST.  We need more DJs to get the club running ‘round the clock, but we need hosts to help them out!

Applications can be found on the east wall of the club (facing the front of the club, that would be on your left) near the Facebook logo.  Just drop your application in the envelope.

Now for the big announcement.  I was recently hired as host manager at IFC (International Fur Community), which means building up a team from bare bones.  That means I’m looking for experienced hosts as well as a few that I’ll have to train.

IFC is already more or less a 24-hour club and it’s time to not only help our DJs advertise their sets, but keep them a bit of company during those quieter times.

In this case, you can get your application directly from me  and send it back when it’s complete.  My username is HarleyKaninchen.

For both jobs, I cannot stress this enough:  We are looking for the most dependable staff possible, which means being punctual, communicating well with fellow staff members when your set may be missed (or you may simply be late), sending out your notices on time, and letting management know whether you can or cannot cover a shift in a timely manner if the call goes out.

Both clubs can be found in their respective locations:
The Rift
IFC (International Fur Community)

Paws and good luck,
Hobo Redtail


Ain’t I a Stinker?

I’ll soon have an announcement for those on Second Life that are looking for employment at one of its many furry clubs.  Stay tuned. X3

Hump Day School of Rock

♠█▓▓░░░░░░░░♬SCHOOL of ROCK♬░░░░░░░░▓▓█♠
♠TEACHER:  Reece
♠AIDE:  Hobo
♠TIME:  4:00pm – 6:00pm
♠GENRE: Classic Rock
Wednesday!  Hump Day!  Hump Day School of Rock!  Join us at The Rift from 4 to 6 PM SLT (PST) for classic rock (most likely), Christmas tunes (it’s that season), and your requests.  I’m thinking we’ll run the trusty (*cough*) trivia ball tonight, so you can make a few linden with your fellow Second Lifers.

If you can’t make it to the club, you can listen to the stream elsewhere (no worries!  This post will be edited closer to set time to include a link to the stream).

We’re also looking to hire at The Rift!  We’re looking for dependable (I cannot put enough emphasis on “dependable”) DJs, hosts, and deck walkers (security).  Come on by and put in your applications.  Maybe I’ll be your host some day, too.

Linden Lab’s Swan Song

Anyone else see the problem here? Yes? Good.

Thar She Blows!


Ok, I admit I don’t have any more clue or insight as anybody else, probably even less since I’m not very interested in LL’s business at all, but just in SL and our live in this virtual world.

But what Ebbe so freely admitted in the Lab Chat sounds exactly like my worst projection of SL’s future. People, every single L$ you’re spending now won’t go into SL’s further development but will be used to finance Project Sansar. Not to improve SL or build the fabled SL2. Please remind me, what was Sansar again? According to Ebbe’s own words we only know it won’t be a contiguous world but unconnected experiences which translates into:

  • Can’t go anywhere without TP
  • No region crossings
  • No public land
  • No open oceans
  • No Linden Routes
  • No continents
  • Lots of private homes with a little garden around
  • Lots of even more boring immobile…

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I Swear I’m Alive

Things have been busy and strange on all fronts, but I’m alive.

Okay, so it’s Tuesday.  Tuesdays are fun whether I’m there or not.  Here’s what’s going on today (all times are still PST):

12-2pm:  DJ Chatty with host Shirou
2-4pm:  DJ Luna with host Yauko
4-6pm:  The School of Rock with DJ Reece and host Kirito
6-8pm:  DJ Sacredchaos with host Lynette

Be warned:  Schedules tend to change due to a number of reasons.  I’ll usually be around from 4 to 6 whether I host/cover host or not.  Triad support or something like that.  What d’you mean, “Explain?”  I’m not explainin’.

The schedule can also be found here.

The Rift is in Cordia (128.113.3905)

Saturday Mixed Bag w/ DJ Axel @ The Rift

DJ: Axel
HOST: Hobo
TIME: 12pm – 2:00pm
PLACE: The Rift @ Cordia (128.113.3905)
EVENT: Saturday Morning Variety Show
GENRE: A Mixed Bag
DJ Axel’s on deck to start off your day’s musical entertainment! He’s coming back to us after a bit of a hiatus, so let’s make him feel welcome. We’re goin’ in!

Friday w/ DJ Ravin @ The Rift

Things happened (don’t even ask), so here we go!

DJ: Ravin
TIME: 2pm – 4:00pm SLT
PLACE: The Rift @ Cordia (115.142.3905)
GENRE: Throwbacks and Requests

Announcements from the previous Rifter post still stand!
Let’s go!